Christmas Rosewood Candle
Christmas Rosewood Candle
Christmas Rosewood Candle
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Christmas Rosewood Candle


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Our limited-edition Christmas candle is housed in an elegant vessel with gold lid, capturing the festive scent of Nutmeg, along with a hint of sweetness from the flowers of Peony, the fresh brisk of Rosewood and Patchouli - filling your home with the joy and warmth of Christmas. 


Candle wax: 160g

Burn time: 45 hours

The candle does not come with the ribboned gold gift box.



For the first use, allow candle wax to burn for 2-3 hours to ensure the wax fully burns to the edge of the vessel.

Trim wick after each use to 1/2 cm for a safer and even burn.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Keep candle away from any drafts, fan or children



Natural, non-toxic candle made from all-natural soy wax and 100% pure essential oils.

Using only the purest possible natural essential oils, which have either been extracted by steam distilled from plants and flowers or cold-expressed from citrus fruits to retain their healing properties.

Hence, our candles are phthalate-free, paraben-free and synthetic fragrance-free.